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Another interesting piece Oliver. I always cringe when people are asked in meetings to provide an estimate about how long something will take or how much time they have spent on a particular task. I always feel like we over / under estimate such situations, especially if there is not a requirement to bill the hours.

Working in a role where I wear multiple hats, support, development and testing I really struggle to keep track of where my time goes. I wonder if the challenge is not only being aware, but also being in control of your time? I think this goes for both home and work.

I've read things like Cal Newport's piece on getting things done and tried things like batching emails and responses. The problem I have every time I try such strategies is to get others onboard.

I am left with a question, how much of time is a shared resource? As you suggest, maybe I need to have a go a logging my hours.

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Have you got a camera in my study? Trying to utilise my time more efficiently has been the focs of most of it in recent days. It is more difficult when it is 'for yourself' & not directed by others I think.

I suspect I may take more time writing out the various lists that completing the tasks but I'll let you know!

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