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Really enjoyed this reflection Oliver. I must admit that I was a bit latter to things than you, but I still care about my digital archive even if I do not 'blog' as much as I used to. One of my biggest frustrations with my archive is that I didn't start earlier. I really rue not having a digital copy of my Honours thesis. Fine I have a scanned copy, but it is not the same.

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Thanks Aaron. That's interesting to read your reflections too. One thing that is missing from my archive is my pre-gmail email archive. I remember jumping on gmail when it was invite only, and at the time the 'unlimited storage' was a very new thing. I probably just deleted old emails before then, and I certainly didn't bother to transfer over whatever was in the account I used before. A shame as I feel like those early emails with my friends as teenagers probably have more value than a lot of what I actually have. Maybe that's always the way though, to attribute more value to the things that we no longer have than those we do.

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