How I stop-started with journalling

October 2022

Does coining a phrase actually make it less clear?
Over the years I’ve realised that one of the strongest things that motivates me is learning new things. Learning is so important for work, but I’ve been…

September 2022

I’ve had this small cloth for over ten years. It’s a pretty unremarkable glasses cleaning cloth. I found it again recently, 11 years, 5 jobs, 3 cities…
When it's impossible to start from scratch.

June 2022

Learning from contrasts and change
We also need communities.
Some things I learned from tracking my work time.

May 2022

Everything* is learnableWhen I was eight our school gave us the opportunity to learn a musical instrument. I think I had a few experiences with playing an instrument be…
Over the last couple of weeks I’ve thought a few times back to things that happened in the last few years at work, and made some connections between…
Some thoughts on distraction, creating value and writing
Diving into reflection and meta reflections